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I Swore I Wouldn’t Write About This.

In the months that it took me to launch this blog, I came to one absolute, definite decision: I was NOT going to talk about yoga.

None. No yoga.

You see, my previous blog was all about yoga and I decided that I was done writing about that. Two and a half years was plenty, and I was moving on to something else.

Much to my surprise, when I started tapping out blog entries for MyAbsorbentMind, BAM! yoga came out. My writing was all “universey.” You know… letting events unfold the way they are supposed to, trusting the future will work out, etc. At that moment I acknowledged it was “not what I was really wanting to do,” but I let it go and decided to just leave it in there. It was all in the name of telling my story, after all. I stated (to myself) that I would do one or two posts, and then move on to the real stuff: education, teaching, what I am learning in school, etc.

Fast forward to the first week of Primary Teacher Training…

front porch
The view from the porch

I am sitting outside in the sunshine, taking in the view, reading Montessori’s books, and what did I come across…yoga! All over the place! Not in the asana sense, mind you, but in the philosophical. Amongst her life’s story, I recognized the language and mindset that yoga embodies. I was totally shocked.

While I knew that I was eventually going to write about her life, at this moment all I could think about was: “Really, Universe? REALLY?!? You are making me talk about yoga AGAIN!?! Didn’t I say I wasn’t going there anymore?”

But, being the yogi that I am, I just let it go, seeing I can’t even come to the mountains of SC to escape it. I returned to my reading and began to contemplate what this all meant.

(Shhhhhh…don’t tell anyone but I was secretly bursting with excitement. I had just made an incredible discovery! I covertly started tapping away on my computer so I wouldn’t forget anything. I kept cool though, so no one would know.)

So why all the yoga, Montessori?

Back in the late 1800’s when Montessori was coming of age and beginning her work, yoga was not on everyone’s mind as it is today. People were largely isolated to their corner of the world and many were only exposed to their own culture. While it’s hard for us to imagine this nowadays, travel was not easy and the transfer of information was painfully slow.

So naturally I asked myself: ”Where in the world would this young Italian woman get yoga?” Her family was so traditional.

Ok, Universe, you got me. I’ll bite.

Since I have instant access to information, I started researching. There seemed to be LOTS of people who knew that yoga and Montessori go hand in hand. Some even mentioned Montessori was a yogi. It was in this moment that I realized that I was late to the proverbial party.


You know what though, this yogi didn’t let that discourage her. My purpose in this life is to put my own spin on things; to be my Aquarius self and think outside of the box I am already outside of. I have a gift of taking seemingly random things and finding the connection between them and creating meaning where there appears to be none.

And that, of course, has always been my plan with this blog. 🙂

So what’s the lesson (pun intended) in all of this?

There are two things:

1) The reason that I can’t escape yoga is because it is not a “thing.” It is a state of being. I have fundamentally changed as a person and I cannot go back to seeing the world as I did many years ago. My inner self has transformed.

2) Since I can’t “take the yoga out of me,” it is going to influence everything I do. I can’t force myself to write a different way or have things turn out differently just because I said so.

So, readers, instead of just repeating the same ol’ Montessori’s educational philosophy supports mindfulness or yoga is good for children (both true and I will eventually discuss), I am going to go a step further and write about how she actually embodied the yogic philosophies in her own life and in the daily workings of her school. I want you to truly “see” who she is, because she is one incredible human being. She walked the walk, folks.

Case in point: In my reading that day, I came across this quote. It sounds like she was giving me a message from across time.

“In spite of Dr. Montessori’s rigorous scientific training and the immense practical nature of her work, there was a deeper and mystical side to her personality. To her the art of life consisted primarily in adjusting oneself to those unseen but benevolent influences which operate through the lives of men and events.”(Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work, “Preparing for and Unknown Future,” p 30-31)

Sounds like the “Universe” strikes again! 🙂 Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Boldness,




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