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Let’s Just Put This Out There…


So the Universe is at it again! Somehow, I keep getting nudged onto a path I am trying to avoid. I have gotten sooooooooo good at convincing myself that I am going to do something else, but I think the Universe is on to me or something (Nice try.). Well, I waved the white flag. (Again.)

What is it this time?

Well, let me back up a bit.

I have been told that I have been a teacher for many lifetimes. This role has taken many forms, some traditional, some a bit different. Something you must know about me, though, is that I rather prefer the “different.” Although I try to escape the “different”out of fear of judgement, I can’t quite manage to be successful at that.

So…here I am.

I have created this blog because I feel compelled to share what I believe is a solution to the current state of our Education system. While that is a bold claim, I am, indeed, a bold person. Although I firmly believe that people are free to have their own opinions, this is my personal truth and it has been my experience that people get behind a woman who knows where she is going.

So where is that, you ask?

I am on a journey to bring awareness about a grassroots effort that is taking place on a global scale. Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or a person that values the legacy of humanity, it is my hope that you can take something away from my experiences.

So who am I that I would start this blog?

Well that’s a great question.

I am a former public school teacher, and am currently a yoga instructor and Montessori Primary Assistant. After falling in love with Montessori, I recently began the 3-Summer Primary Teacher Training course in South Carolina. I will finish in 2018 and then see where that takes me (although I think the Universe has made that clear).

In addition, I am also an experienced blogger, having publically written about my own personal transformation for almost 2.5 years. It’s been a huge journey for me, but a few months ago it occurred to me to close that other blog and to start this one. It was intuition speaking to me and there was no hesitation in doing it. Just like last time, I have no idea who, if anyone, will read this. I also have no idea what I am going to write about. I just decided to go for it.

So I have been working on it and wanting to give myself time to allow it to shape itself organically before I put it out there. I also wasn’t sure of my voice. And in that space, people, I went back to my old patterns. As much as I don’t want to call myself out here, I actually feel ok about it. Other people have told me that they also have this dirty little secret.

You see, when I started my previous blog, I was like: “I have to be knowledgeable and an expert because otherwise no one is going to read it.” I worked on many posts and got them to be “perfect”. They were chock full of info and I obsessed about every word. They might as well have had MLA citations. Yes, people, it was like THAT.

Eventually I realized that I was trying to force something. The voice wasn’t authentic. I was trying to write based on what I thought most people want to hear. (Please tell me how in the world I could possibly know that? *Rolls eyes*) As I went along, I found that if I just opened myself, people were deeply affected by what I had to say. I began to write from the heart.

In the end, I just had to realize that it was ok to be me, although it was scary and I was continually afraid to press publish.

So the pattern…

When I was starting this blog, I quickly realized I was falling into the same pattern. I said: “This is NOT going to be like my other blog. It is going to be educational and I need to keep my personality and who I am out of it. Don’t talk about “The Universe,” don’t talk about fear, don’t talk about yoga, don’t…. don’t….don’t….You don’t want people to be turned off because all that stuff is weird. I am a pre-school teacher after all.”

Ok, people, so I am calling BS on myself. I am not falling back into my fears again. I have to move forward despite the fact that I am scared.

I am who I am and it has shaped me into the person I am today. It is THIS person who wants to change the world. How can I pretend to be someone else?

Turns out Maria Montessori was one of the boldest people of her time. She faced so much adversity to bring her gift to the world (this will be a later blog post!) and she didn’t care what others thought. There were plenty of people who didn’t like her (mean, dangerous people went after her) but she kept going. If she can deal with that, I think I can write a little ol’ blog. Seriously.

The other thing I have found is that the more I open my mouth, the more I realize that people are like me. They understand “the Universe,” they believe in mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, and they believe in educating children in the way nature intended.

So, when considering where to start, I realized that I’ve got to start with my story. I am a human being, after all, not a robot. Turns out people want to read about the human experience, not the “robot” experience.

My goal, as I originally told myself, was to document my journey. This journey will be exciting, difficult, eye-opening, and mind-blowing. I want you to experience all that with me.

How ‘bout you join me?

Please like and share this to spread the word!

Peace, Love, and Boldness,








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